Ali Rahimi is a 3D Computer Graphics Generalist and CEO of Free Radical 666 INC. With More than two decades experience in 3D computer graphic fields.
Born. 1978, Tehran, Iran
Lives and works in Toronto, Canada
His domains of expertise are: Traditional (Drawing, Painting, Sculpting), 3D Modeling, Animation, Texture, Render, Character Rig, Physics simulation, Game & Realtime content programming, 3D Printing.


Violating principles of aesthetics and composition does not necessarily add anything to the value of an artwork.
My entire life is heavily influenced by Heavy and Death Metal music. Also I am a big fan of sci fi movies, but I always try to avoid any direct influence by that.
I am totally against the indigent types of art and artist presentation in social media. A great artwork must shine by itself alone.
Darkness and blackness are more attractive and mysterious than light and brightness, and they have more unspeakable and exciting secrets in their heart, like a black hole that no one knows about its content.


2021 - Professional Bachelor of Animation-Directing University of Applied Science & Technology, Iran
2000 - Scene Design University of Applied Science & Technology, Iran
1997 - Diploma of Visual Art Seda va Sima High School, Iran


2023 - Participant Boot 162Toronto Outdoor Art Fair 62, Toronto, 7-9th July
2020 - Along The Darkness Entezami Art Gallery, Tehran, 5th June
2019 - Dark Digital House Gallery of Art University, Tehran, 8-13th November
2010 - Digital Drawings Iranian Artist Forum, Nami Gallery, Tehran, 24th April


2024 - Elaine Fleck Art Gallery, Toronto, 8th February
2020 - Spring Event Entezami Art Gallery, Tehran, 19th June
2020 - New Generation Entezami Art Gallery, Tehran, 17th July
2020 - Blue Sky Visual Arts Entezami Art Gallery, Milad Tower, Tehran, 20th August


2020 - Appreciation of the staff of Milad Tower Deputy of Tehran Milad Tower Cultural & Tourism, Tehran
2019 - 3D Print Workshop teacher Soroush Applied Sciences Center, Tehran
2009 - Member of Referee Committee for Computer Games Third International Digital Media Fair and Festival, Tehran