Ali Rahimi, a 3D Computer Graphics Generalist and CEO of Free Radical 666 INC., brings over two decades of expertise to the forefront of the industry. Born in 1978 in Tehran, Iran, Rahimi's journey began with a passion for the fusion of art and technology.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Rahimi's skill set spans traditional mediums like drawing, painting, and sculpting, seamlessly blending with cutting-edge digital techniques. As CEO of Free Radical 666 INC., he pioneers advancements in 3D graphics, from modeling and animation to game development and 3D printing.

Beyond his professional achievements, Rahimi is dedicated to inspiring future generations through mentorship and education, shaping the landscape of digital artistry. His work embodies the transformative power of creativity and technology to transcend boundaries and redefine human expression.


As an artist, I navigate the realms of creativity with a steadfast commitment to authenticity and integrity. My work is a testament to the belief that violating principles of aesthetics and composition does not inherently enhance the value of art; rather, it is the essence of raw expression that holds true significance.

Growing up immersed in the thunderous beats and emotive depth of Heavy and Death Metal music, my artistic journey has been deeply influenced by the raw energy of these genres. Each piece I create echoes with the primal intensity of the mosh pit, resonating with the raw emotions and visceral experiences that define my existence.

While my love for sci-fi movies runs deep, I consciously strive to avoid direct influence, preferring instead to explore the uncharted territories of my own imagination. My art transcends the boundaries of earthly inspiration, delving into realms where reality and fantasy intertwine in a dance of infinite possibilities.

In a world where social media often serves as a platform for indigent displays of self-promotion, I stand in staunch opposition. I believe that true art requires no validation beyond its own intrinsic merit; therefore, I choose to let my creations speak for themselves, shining brightly in the absence of artificial spotlight.

For me, darkness and blackness hold an allure that surpasses the fleeting brightness of light. Within their depths lie untold mysteries and unspeakable secrets, akin to the enigmatic heart of a black hole. Through my art, I invite viewers to embrace the shadows, to delve fearlessly into the unknown, and to discover the boundless beauty that resides within the depths of darkness.


2021 - Professional Bachelor of Animation-Directing University of Applied Science & Technology, Iran
2000 - Scene Design University of Applied Science & Technology, Iran
1997 - Diploma of Visual Art Seda va Sima High School, Iran


2023 - Participant Boot 162Toronto Outdoor Art Fair 62, Toronto, 7-9th July
2020 - Along The Darkness Entezami Art Gallery, Tehran, 5th June
2019 - Dark Digital House Gallery of Art University, Tehran, 8-13th November
2010 - Digital Drawings Iranian Artist Forum, Nami Gallery, Tehran, 24th April


2024 - Elaine Fleck Art Gallery, Toronto, 8th February
2020 - Spring Event Entezami Art Gallery, Tehran, 19th June
2020 - New Generation Entezami Art Gallery, Tehran, 17th July
2020 - Blue Sky Visual Arts Entezami Art Gallery, Milad Tower, Tehran, 20th August


2020 - Appreciation of the staff of Milad Tower Deputy of Tehran Milad Tower Cultural & Tourism, Tehran
2019 - 3D Print Workshop teacher Soroush Applied Sciences Center, Tehran
2009 - Member of Referee Committee for Computer Games Third International Digital Media Fair and Festival, Tehran