Towards Eternal Oblivion
More than two decades experience in 3D computer graphic fields

Ali Rahimi 3D Computer graphic artist

Ali Rahimi is a 3D Computer Graphics Generalist and CEO of Free Radical 666 INC.
His domains of expertise are: Traditional Drawing & Painting, 3D Modeling, Animation, Texture, Render, Character Rig, Physics simulation, Game & Realtime content programming & Development, 3D Print, Pro Video & Photo editing, Website & E-commerce design & manage.

Artist statement:
Violating principles of aesthetics and composition does not necessarily add anything to the value of an artwork.
Whenever I get tired of the hustle and complexities of the 3D world and programming, I return to black pen drawing with a pencil, like a person who is tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and runs away to the depths of the wild and pristine nature.
Darkness and blackness are more attractive and mysterious than light and brightness, and they have more unspeakable and exciting secrets in their heart, like a black hole that no one knows about.

2020: Master of Animation Directing from Sorosh University.
2000: Associate Degree of Stage Designing for Cinematography from center of Cinematography.
1997: Diploma of Visual Art from Seda va Sima high school.

2020: Participation in Three Group exhibition from Entezami's Art gallery.
2020: Thirth solo digital and traditional painting exhibition in Entezami's Art gallery.
2019: Second solo digital drawings and 3D Priniting exhibition in tehran's art university's Gallery.
2010: First solo digital drawings exhibition in Iranian's Artist Forum.